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The Sorceress. Oil on Canvas. 48" x 36" (122cm x 92cm) ------- All prices are attached to paintings below.

Without reading his written works, you will never know the heart of the artist. Art is much more than just painting.  The lack of depth in art is caused by the lack of understanding the inherent struggles within life.  I really cannot give my books away, but for a  mere £10.00 you will possess a very original book.  "A description of the material and spiritual world from which everyone derives their inspiration." 

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The Gallery, 1 George Street, Whithorn, Wigtownshire, DG8 8NS.

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Signed: Robert Parsifal Finch

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A3 wonderful and acurate colour prints on canvas paper available for any painting of your choice. Prices rage from £28.00 to £52.00 depending whither 'slip and frame' is used or just flat frame. The 'slip and frame' has, of course, a larger frame, coloured or goldleaf.


All prints here are very well made and very affordable!

All are signed by the artist.  Signed:  Robert Parsifal Finch


On the whole, the monied world, which could change this world into a paradise, consists of the same mindless ignorance which enslaves the poor. The monied world seldom or never looks at art. And the few who do, generally speaking, need advisers. But no one likes to be told they are ignorant. Will there ever be a time when understanding will be loved for its own sake, by everyone, and art truly public and inspiring? Undoubtedly, money is the root of all evil in a cut-throat society

To omit 'thought' from art is to sterilize it. 


(Sep 2018)

I knew you would have to finish The Ring of the Nibelungen. You've done a great Job. I love it.

An admirer. US of A. 



I've nothing better to say than this: These paintings are GREAT! It's a pity the world is turning its back on interesting and original art and only ops for fashionable 'art'! And no-one can deny that your art is original! It is the most original art I know. Where do you get your inspiration from? 

Ian McClellan, Glasgow.

  * * * * * *

Hi, I love your "The Great Horned Owl" painting.   I just love it!    Rebecca

 * * * * * * *

 The Ballad for Desdemona is thrilling. I wish you

 hadn't sold it already!

Angela Gowan

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Your new painting L'apres Midi D'un Faune #2 is beyond words. Why is it that those who love art never have the money to buy any, when those with money seldom have a passion for art.

If I had the money I'd buy many of your great paintings. 


 New York USA.

 Answer: Thanks Christopher.






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Series on Turner (#3)   36 inches x 24 inches. (91cm x 61cm)  £900  Where Unique Art Is Uncompromisingly Unique

Series on Turner (#2)    Oil on Canvas (70cm x 50cm)     £600

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Tel: 07776005831

The Sorceress   Oil on Canvas    48 x 36 inches  (122 x 91.5cm) £1600

Ecce Homo   48" x 56" or 122cm x 142cm  Oil on Canvas    £2500

Des Ring Der Nibelungen Oil on Canvas 62" x 56" (158cm x 142cm) £3000

L'apres Midi D'un Faune   Oil on Vanvas   5 x 4 ft. (152 x 122cm)   £3000 (Framed)

Destroyed in USA. 72" x 60" Oil on Canvas

Rite of Spring   Oil on Canvas  (6ft 6 inches by 5ft 6 inches or 198cm x 168cm)  £3000

20th Century Amazon     Oil on Canvas   (48" x 40" or 122cm x 101.6cm)   £1600

Artist's Studio #1      Oil on Canvas    4ft x4ft    (122 x 122 cm)    Price £1600

Contemplation. Oil on Canvas 122cm x 122cm (aprox) £1500

Portrait of Scottish Gentleman who bought Stabat Mater      Oil on Canvas    (Sold)   Exhibited here as PORTRAIT SAMPLE

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Tel: 07776005831

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Fantasia     (54" x 54"  or 137cm x 137cm)     Oil on Canvas     Price £2000

L'apres Midi D 'un Faune #1   Oil On Canvas   $8000 (Sold)

Pastel. Housed in USA

Zarathustra's Festival    Oil on Canvas    £3000

Boy with Cello. £1600 SOLD. USA

Nijinski. Pastel. SOLD

Salome    (After Richard Strauss's Opera)     Oil on Canvas   £4000    Sold

Stabat Mater         Oil on Canvas    £2400     Sold

Dream of a Ridiculous Man (After Dostoevsky) Oil on Canvas. 70" x 60" (178cm x 153cm) £2700

The Cat        Oil On Canvas.        SOLD

Oedipus Rex Oil on Canvas SOLD $10,000 USA

Great Horned Owl  Oil on Canvas    4ft x 4ft.   (122 x 122cm)   £1800

Exiles Oil on Canvas 125cm x 128cm (aprox) £1800

Young Owl   Oil on Canvas   48" x 48"    aprox.    £1800 SOLD

Drowning. Oil on Canvas. 48" x 48" SOLD

The Rolling Sea. Oil on Canvas 122cm (4ft) x 137cm (4ft 6in) £950

Storm at Sea 30" x26" (76cm x 66cm) Oil on Canvas £600

Seascape. Oil on Canvas £1200 Sold

Written and published by Robert Parsifal Finch

Title explains all. A true strory of Politics and Religion. £10.00 + Postage £1.95 UK. £6.00 worldwide.

Books written by the artist 

Robert Parsifal Finch


A unique painting is a bargain of a lifetime, and a family heirloom! but a book by this artist is completely in line with his uniqueness.  Intelligence is expected.

        Make any inquiry, order any painting or book, ask any question. If you would like to correspond with artist, send him an email. You will always receive an answer.

email:     Telephone: 0777 600 5831

                                                                        A unique painting is a bargain of a lifetime, and a family heirloom!

          Make any inquiry, order any painting, order any book, ask any question. If you would like to correspond with artist, send him an email. You will always receive a reply.   

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